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Literacy Week Celebration

Written by Janeane Maxwell, Language Arts Teacher

On Friday, February 5, 2016  our students put together a performance in respect and honor of Literacy Week.  Not only did they perform poetry, but they also demonstrated their skills in many other areas including song, presentations, debates, and free style poetry.

Because of the students enthusiasm and their demand for and control of their self expression, the students displayed maturity and sincerity in their dynamic and engaging performances. Not only did this increase the positive attitudes and behavior of the students, but it also compelled those in the audience (teachers, staff, parents, mentors, etc.) to become more self aware and increase the compassion and the support on and around the campus!

The students prepared, they performed, and they excelled in all of their performances! The students here at The Donald E. Woods Opportunity Center are to be applauded and respected; they reached and surpassed all of their goals, which they never could see themselves achieving!

The students became in tune with their inner being, not only thinking it, but finally believing that they were special and equipped with more than enough knowledge and self love, as well as awareness to endure and successfully complete their tasks at hand.

They were able to achieve EVERYTHING they perceived and believed! Amazing Job!

Thank you to everyone who took part of our Literacy Celebration assembly!

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