Donald E. Woods Opportunity Center Donald E. Woods Opportunity Center

Student Awards Program

Written by Jonathan Cruz, Network & Website Manager

We recognize the distinct effort and progress our students have made this year. Today our faculty and staff took a moment to recognize students who demonstrated an outstanding academic performance and the most improvement during the course of their studies here at Donald E. Woods Opportunity Center.

Both High school and Middle school students were recognized for the President and Grade Point Average Awards, social studies, language arts, math, reading, science, physical education, and culinary arts.

Additionally, students recognized fellow classmates in the categories of most athletic, best dressed, most likely to succeed, most talented, the best student all around, and the class comedian.

Not to be outdone, students expressed their gratitude through the Teacher of the Year award and the courageous few shared their personal thanks on stage, in front of everyone.

Today, we celebrate the success of our students with an award ceremony and a picnic-style cookout in their honor. Congratulations!!

Our Mission

To provide a high quality education for all students.

Our Vision

Every student will be prepared for success in college or career after graduation.

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